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Thugs Make the Best Cops?

Thugs Make the Best Cops?

For an – Auburn biased publication to release a litany of charges against any school seems to carry at least a hint of hypocrisy with it.  Even if it’s Alabama.  

Then again, if anyone knows cheating, maybe it’s Auburn, especially when it’s Alabama.

For a program that took a heavy whippin when a divorce case far removed from university matters revealed that a football program supporter allegedly overpaid some Razorback athletes (sometimes as high as $25 – OH MY!), Arkansas fans may have a special interest in this piece.

Every fan of college football should.


Unnatural Pleasure in Arkansas

Unnatural Pleasure in Arkansas

From Sports Illustrated, outlining the current state of affairs for the University of Texas.


YOU Decide, Arkansas…..

YOU Decide, Arkansas…..

So, one of our own is a major part of all things Tea Party…….ish.   In other words, Washington’s dysfunction’ish……Right here in our very one lil ol…..


Well, he’s probably elsewhere.  Just got his money here.


50 Shades of…..

50 Shades of…..

Masterful coding of election results across Arkansas by Clint Reed of Impact Management.


We Aren’t Big Enough….BOO BIRDS

Much has been made over the so called “Great Stadium Debate” in our state.  Amongst all the noise, there have been valid points made on each side.  There’s a big problem for a small and relatively poor state though:  The fact there are sides at all.

We don’t have room for that.  We aren’t big enough for that, and we don’t have enough money for that.

There’s a reason Arkansas doesn’t have a professional team.  With some forethought and innovation from John Barnhill and Coach Broyles, that vision was identified and capitalized on and today we have their modern version of the Razorbacks.  It was never a given things would turn out this way….the University of Arkansas Razorbacks could have become something closer to Oklahoma State, or, God forbid, Memphis State.

The “what could have beens” are at our door again though.  Seems some fans in various parts of the state are dug into their commitment about where we should play our home games, how often, and what it means to The Program more than they are committed to simply helping The Program.  We must get past that.  Right now.

Last night’s crowd was an embarrassment.  War Memorial has not only failed to sell out numerous times the last few years (LSU excluded), it seems to host more boo birds too.  Nobody wants to hear that crap.  Nobody ever wants that noise in the first year of a new coaching staff and a new start for the kids and a new era for the Hogs.  WMS had it last night though, because I heard it, loud and clear over the PPV telecast.  Before you write me, it wasn’t chants of “Bhudda” either.

War Memorial Stadium has an iconic and very important place in the history of Razorback football.  For many of us, it was our introduction to the Hogs, and where we came to love them.  We laughed, cheered, cried, got angry, recognized chill bumps, sang with our band, boo’d a Texas band, smelled bourbon and met friends.We did more too, but back then – and I’m just going back to the 90’s and earlier – we didn’t boo the home team.  Well, other than Hatfield’s team losing to Texas in that unfortunate way.  Ok, maybe one of Nutt’s last teams….but I digress in the name of fairness.

The Razorbacks ARE our team, our professional franchise, our diversion if you will, from other matters in life that require our attention.  The Hogs can have our passion and lots of attention.  We, however, are not big enough in numbers to get divided over trivial babble.  How often we play where, and which stadium has a better tailgating environment is just that too – BABBLE.

WMS set up my love affair with the Hogs.  I cried when I missed the 22-7 victory over USC because of a broken leg.  As a 10 year old I wanted to fight the Texas Band.  (not all proud moments).  I cried again when the kick was blocked and we beat top ten South Carolina under Holtz.  There are a ton of wonderful and lasting memories in between.  Those were good times, and no boos.  That’s not the point though.

War Memorial Stadium obviously can’t produce the supportive numbers it once did for the Hogs.  Some of that rests with the UA, Jeff Long and the SEC, but most of that is on…  If you live in Conway to any point South and  you’re a Hog fan, this is on you.  Us.  We aren’t showing up.  The WMS contract expires in 2016.  At this rate, there’s no way we can expect the UA to continue games at WMS similar to the current format.  If we are lucky, we’ll keep one.  My vote?  Just leave us with one, but make it the season opener every year against a non conference opponent.  Everyone is excited by the start of football season, even if your team plays Stamford.

I don’t envy Jeff Long.  He’s paid very well, but it’s a tough job.  Now that his department is positioned to receive a whole lot more money from TV and he’s pressured to bowl in that stadium (as well as other upgrades), he also must know that in our too-small-to -be-divided-and-fight-state, giving us tons of tv options to see our beloved Hogs while charging more for Foundation levels and ticket prices…..well, it can’t be an easy formula to fill that big ol stadium.  

Especially when NWA is full of imports from around the country who occasionally come to football games for entertainment, as opposed to participation.  That losses the passion, and that’s what we  have in Fayetteville, a lack of passion on most days. 

WMS was once our most passionate venue.  This week we had 47,000, which may be a reflection on the perception of the new UNWA…..Auburn played a directional school and had over 85k loud fans.

Yall think about it.


A Climate Change Loser

A Climate Change Loser

Man made or naturally occurring is likely quite beside the point for the rabbits of Montana and elsewhere.  The study covered in the article below shows how climate change impacts the timing of their hides changing colors…and how that seriously risks their survivability.


Campaign Cash Proving Problematic for Politicians

Blue Hog Report publishes more revelations from Lt. Gov Mark Darr’s campaign filings, notably, that Razorback tickets were purchased from his war chest.  This does not seem unlike the same issue that forced former state senator Paul Bookout to resign from his private sector job and the General Assembly.  

Of course, as usual, time will tell….

Blue Hog Report continues his examination of Lt. Gov. Mark Darr’s campaign financial expenditures.

When last we visited, Blue Hog had totted up a lot of unusual Darr expenditures — gas, dining, clothing — as Darr continued to try to pay down debt from his 2010 political campaign. Darr and his spokespeople and campaign consultants have, to date, refused to respond to questions about the report. In due course, a complaint will be filed with the state Ethics Commission and he’ll get an opportunity to explain there. An earlier explanation would seem useful to him politically, given his current candidacy for 4th District Congress.

Nonetheless, the news today from Blue Hog is that he’s learned through an FOI request to the University of Arkansas that a $1,500 expenditure Darr reported in October 2011 as a “fund-raising expenditure” at the University of Arkansas purchased Razorback football tickets — season tickets in Fayetteville and in Little Rock. Blue Hog says his examination of Darr records doesn’t turn up any contributions that appear related to that expenditure.

(Note correction: the original report misstated the purchase as 8 tickets.)

This brings us back, in a way, to John Burris.

As Burris told us earlier today, the Ethics Commission has signed off on his expenditure of campaign money to give to other candidates under the theory that his attendance at those events enhances his exposure and puts him in contact with many people useful to a politician.

If and when Darr gets around to explaining his ongoing use of campaign money, I’d be willing to bet we’ll hear an excuse somewhat along those lines from him. And, given the wiggle room the Ethics Commission seems willing to extend, who knows if it might not prevail? (His car expenses are more problematic because of specific rules on maintaining logs and such. And: Does his honking big truck really use that much gas?)

And let me also do something that you won’t catch a Republican doing when they find a Democrat stepping out of line on an ethical matter: I’ll mention that Darr isn’t the only person who ever bought football tickets with campaign money. In July 2010, then Secretary of State Charlie Daniels used carryover campaign money to purchase $760 in Razorback tickets. Carryover money is somewhat different from campaign money (campaign spending post-election is only allowed to pay down debt), though prohibitions on strictly personal use remain the same. But, as the Burris case illustrates, what’s not political about getting out in public when you’re a public official? 

Was it John Burris who said: “L’etat c’est moi”?  Maybe it was Louis XIV. 


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